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Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Miller Place Inn for Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect intimate, romantic, and elegant venue on Long Island? Look no further. The Miller Place Inn is a family-owned, one-wedding-at-a-time, wedding venue in Miller Place, New York. We love what we do and we hope you see that effort throughout our venue. Our number one commitment is to treat every couple like part of our family and we believe that sets us apart from the other venues.

We know you have a ton of options to choose from for a wedding venue and we’re so happy you’re considering us! We came up with a list of the top reasons we believe you should choose our venue for your wedding.

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1. We Treat Every Couple Like Part of the Family

Our entire business is based on treating our wedding couples like part of our family. Why? Because we are a family. The Miller Place Inn is a family owned and operated business. The Regina family runs every part of the Miller Place Inn. You’ll always find one of us in the kitchen making homemade food for your wedding or in the office helping you plan your big day.

2. We Only Every Host One Wedding at a Time

Some wedding venues have multiple weddings going on at the same time. The Miller Place Inn only ever hosts one wedding at a time. This is our favorite policy! This means that your wedding will get all of the attention from all of our staff. We love being able to focus on one couple at a time and making sure their day is as special as they are!

3. Our Wedding Food is Delicious

Our mom raised us in the catering business. We’ve gotten pretty great at cooking for large groups of people over the years. Our wedding cuisine is simply delicious! We specialize in hand-crafted, classic Italian food based on recipes handed down through our family. We also love cooking food from many different cultures. If you want a traditional meal from your family, don’t worry, we can make that too!

4. We’re LGBTQIA+ Friendly!

We’ve hosted so many weddings over the years for so many unique couples! Like we said, we treat everyone like family: so all are welcome! We’re even featured on the EnGayed Weddings wedding directory. We know it’s important for every couple to feel accepted and supported by their wedding venue. We stand by our commitment to hosting diverse and inclusive weddings.

5. Our Garden is the Perfect Wedding Photo Backdrop

One of our favorite things about our venue is our gorgeous garden. We work hard to maintain the plants, flowers, and trees all year long. Our pond, stone-covered bridge, and gazebos are all beautiful places for wedding photos. We also host most of our weddings under our main gazebo with wedding guests sitting semi-circle around the couple for an intimate ceremony.

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Let’s Start Planning Your Wedding Today!

Wedding planning can be complicated, but if you choose to work with us you won’t need to worry. We’ll be there for you from the second you walk in the door to the second you leave on your wedding night and beyond! We’ve been hosting weddings for years and we will help walk you through every step of the planning process.

Did any of these reasons hit home for you? Do you think we might be the perfect venue for your wedding? Come visit us to take a tour today! Not ready for a tour? Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you with more information. Let's get started planning your wedding as soon as possible!

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