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History of The Miller Place Inn

The Regina Family

Our mom was the best cook who ever lived (don’t try to argue with us). She taught us everything we know about food, family, and dedication. She originally started her business with food trucks and worked her way up to catering. She franchised stores under her name as Margaret’s Fine Food and Catering with all of her kids working and learning from her. To this day we are a family-owned and run business.

When our family bought the Miller Place Inn, our goal was to run a catering hall and wedding venue that gave each event the personal attention it deserved. We did not want our venue to have a corporate feel because everything is handcrafted here by our family. We have since lost our mom, but will never forget the values she strives for.

Our mom always said “do it with passion or not at all.” 

With every event we host, we strive to live up to her standards for cooking unforgettable food and caring for our customers as an extension of our own big family. We don’t take our jobs lightly because we dedicate everything we do to her memory and we know she’s watching us continue her legacy.



Miller Place Inn History

Our Services & Amenities

Here at the Miller Place Inn, we believe we are the best wedding venue on Long Island. This venue and catering hall is our family’s legacy and we treat it that way. We pride ourselves most on 3 things: treating our customers like family, serving delicious food, and our “one wedding at a time” policy.

We want you to feel like you’re a part of our family from the moment you first walk into the Miller Place Inn. We want to show you that we take your event as seriously as we would if it were our own. Every wedding or event is unique to you and your guests and we want to make sure we do it right. 

One of our top goals is to make delicious food. Our mom founded her business on her love of cooking and her passion for feeding people. We continue to use many of her homestyle Italian recipes alongside modern and creative cuisine options.

Our “one wedding at a time” policy sets us apart from many other venues. All of our staff, venue, and attention will be yours during your special day. We will treat your wedding as a unique event, personalized for you and your unique love story.

The Historic Miller Place Inn

Our venue was recently renovated but maintains its historical charm. The Miller Place Inn opened in 1929, making it nearly 100 years old. It’s hard to believe now, but the Miller Place Inn actually used to be a barn. It stands on the property of one of the earliest Miller Place settlers. When the house on the property burned down in 1920, the owner converted the remaining horse and cow barns into an inn. 

When the Miller Place Inn opened it served as a restaurant and an inn. The inn was often frequented by hunters who brought in their freshly caught game to be cooked for them in the restaurant. Eventually, Long Island began to attract more visitors from New York City who want to escape the heat and stress of the city and spend their summers by the beach. Miller Place became a popular vacation destination and the Miller Place Inn accommodated the visitors as well as the local community.

* Historical information & photo courtesy of the Miller Place – Mount Sinai Historical Society

Regina Family
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