About Us

Over two centuries of colorful history surround this beautiful country catering establishment. Once owned by an English captain, Revolutionary War tales of pirating and buried treasure linger on.

The late 18th century brought a luxurious but infamous lifestyle to the property with the building of a mansion the style of New York City, complete with double parlors, huge mirrors, solid mahogany doors and gold-leafed chandeliers. This wealthy owner’s quest for opulence included fine horses and small amount of scandal in his personal life.

Arson claimed the original mansion, but the big barn with its handsome cupola was joined to a smaller building in the 1930’s and The Miller Place Inn became a haven for summer tourists.

Today, nestled in a quiet setting of beautiful lawns and gardens, it is an elegant reminder of the past for gracious weddings in the gazebo, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, reunions and social luncheons in the French country manor.


Our Mother originally started our family business cooking for food trucks, then purchased a pasta and ravioli Franchise in Brooklyn, NY. All 5 of us and Mom focused on gourmet foods, catering and used only the best ingredients and recipes. From Brooklyn, we ventured out to Long Island where we franchised under Mom’s name, Margaret’s fine food and catering.

Soon after we franchised a second store and the business soared 25 years in business and our Mother wanted something new. She wanted to make something so great and share memories with other families in a quaint location in Suffolk County. Mom bought a barn and transformed it into the Miller Place Inn.

It was a lifelong dream and passion of ours. Mom was an inspiration to us and everyone who surrounded her. We have since lost our Mom, we will always remember the lessons she taught us. We dedicate everything we do to her memory and know that she will always be watching over us. She always told us whatever we do, do it with passion…and that’s exactly what we do!

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